Radial Gates

What is an Radial Gate ?

The Radial Gate is the most common type of spillway gate in use. The water flows under the radial gate therefore its classified as an "undershot gate". It consists of a skin plate which is curved (segment of a circle), reinforced as necessary and supported by a structural steel frame. The gate is raised and lowered via a two cable hoist system.

In a radial gate the water pressure is transferred from the curved face and the horizontal support beams to the radial gate arms which transfers the load to a common bearing which is located on either side of the gate opening.

The radial gate consists of:
- An epoxy painted curved steel gate c/w attachable reinforced arms.
- Stainless Steel pivot pin c/w self – lubricated bearings.
- Stainless steel bottom and side rubbing plate embeddements.
- Cable hoist system consist of; two wire rope cables, machined drums, cross shaft and gearbox all shipped to site fully assembled on a self contained hoist frame.

Options Include: - Radial gate can be designed with an open top – three sided seal arrangement used in overflow conditions and in a closed top – four sided seal arrangement, referred to as a breast wall configuration.

- Cable hoist can be powered using single, three phase power and a self contained solar power system.