Stop Logs

Stop logs are used for level control in open channels. Logs are beams inserted in grooves cast in a channel wall. Historically stop logs were made from logs or timbers but?Aluminum is now the material of choice for stop log and slot construction.

  • Typical nominal height of a stop log is in 6 inch increments, i.e., the log can be 6, 12, 18 inches in height, etc.  
  • Aluminum stop logs have rubber lip type seals one each side (end) to seal at the wall and across the bottom to seal at the sill or with the next log.
  • The typical aluminum stop log is equipped with lifting lugs for use with a stop-lifting beam. The beam is a self-engaging log handling device for underwater retrieval and manual lanyard release of the log.  
  • The lifting beam is wheel-guided by the stop log slot. An overhead crane, davit crane or mobile crane is needed to lift and install/remove most stop logs.
  • Stop logs cannot be installed in high-flowing water. They can be removed against low-flowing water and against very low heads (some overflow).
  • Stop logs can be stacked and used for equipment isolation; however, there may be considerable leakage due to the greater amount of sealing perimeter compared to a single bulk head type arrangement.
  • Stop logs are directional sealing, the log should be installed with the rubber seal downstream.

Please Contact your instream Rep for more information, or to see if Stop logs are the right solution for your application.