Bulk head gates are typically used for dewatering and isolating equipment such as downstream gates, pumps etc.

  • Rubber J-seals around the perimeter of the gate control leakage effectively and are hydrostatically energized.
  • Bulk head gates seal in one direction. 
  • Bulk head gates are typically custom fabricated from steel or stainless steel.
  • Designed to be placed in slots or grooved channel walls and are lifted and lowered with overhead or mobile cranes.
  • The slots or grooves may be lined or fabricated from steel or stainless steel for ease of insertion and good fit with rubber seals on the bulkhead gate.
  • The sill surface may be formed by flat and level concrete invert or with an embedded sill plate. 

Instream Water Control Projects can Design, Engineer, and Fabricate a custom bulkhead to meet your needs.