Series 10C, 20C and 50C Flap Gates

  • Quality at a cost-effective price 
  • Double hinge action 
  • Available with adjustable top pivot points 
  •  Seating faces are machined cast iron or machined bronze for optimum sealing under low head 

 Flap gates are available in sizes from 4 inch all the way up to 96 inches are used to control flow automatically, and act as natural skimmers of debris such as branches, logs and trash. With a small variance in pressure on the back of the gate, it opens automatically to allow water flow. When the head is greater on the face side of the gate, the flap closes automatically to prevent backflow. 


Instream Water control Projects stocks sizes from 4 to 24 inch gates in Lethbridge and can bring in all other sizes upon request, Please contact your instream representative for more information or to request a quote.